Initial screen meth test

One of our team of trained technicians will examine your property using the most advanced, accurate and accredited testing equipment combined with their scene examination skills.

The screen test will detect the presence of Methamphetamine and/or its precursors at levels at or above the Ministry of Health guidelines. Screen test results are immediate and will be supported by a written report delivered to you within 48 hours of the screen test being completed.


Confirmation-Quantitative meth testing

Using accurate sampling techniques our technician obtains a controlled sample from the area already identified as contaminated from the initial screen test . This sample will be handled, recorded, packaged and dispatched in accordance with forensic protocol to an independent accredited laboratory for GCMS analysis and reporting. Testing will provide instant results. This quantification of the contaminants is essential in determining the extent of Methamphetamine activity and the levels of contamination present in the premises. This will determine the scope of the remedial work required to reinstate the premises to healthy and acceptable levels for safe inhabitance in accordance with Ministry of Health (MOH) standards.

Post Remedial Testing

At the completion of any remedial work the property must be retested to confirm the property has been reinstated to safe inhabitable levels in accordance with MOH standards.

Human Testing

Our qualified testers can test for the most common drugs across Class A, Class B and Class C drug categories, including Methamphetamine, Benzodiazepines, Opiates, Cannabis and Amphetamines. This testing will provide you with instant results.
These tests can be completed at your premises.